August 16, 2006


Barbarella is a socialite, journalist, and columnist. Her primary column, “Diary of a Diva,” has appeared in the San Diego Reader every week since 2004. In it, she writes about her quirky adventures and somewhat neurotic epiphanies, like freaking out over the food in Japan (Fish Food), two-stepping at a gay bar in Hillcrest with her dynamic father (Brokeback Disco), explaining why kids are not for her (Mommy-Lite), and why she and her partner David chose to elope despite earlier columns denouncing marriage (Lawfully Wedded). Barbarella also appears regularly on NBC/KNSD News in the Morning with a segment called “Stepping Out With Barbarella,” during which she shares information and video from local events.

When not on one of their many peripatetic adventures, Barbarella and David make their home in San Diego.

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